Where to Begin

Where or where to begin!  I am so sorry that we have disappeared on you all over the last 6 weeks or so!  I did make a quick post a few weeks ago letting you know that we were dealing with a serious health issue of a close family member, and about K moving in soon!  Unfortunately the close family member passed away a few weeks ago, and that was especially hard on us.  It is never easy to lose anyone we love, no matter how old or young they are!  We have been picking up the pieces of our grief and trying to get back to life.

We have also been doing some renovation to prep for K to move in with us.  We have been renovating some areas of our home we were not using so he can have some room to set up his own furniture and be able to feel like he is at home too.  He needs to be out of his place before August 1st and we have prior plans at the end of July so we need to have him moved this weekend instead.  We will be continuing the renovations even after he gets moved in, but we are trying to do as much as we can before hand.  It is exciting, as K has practically been living here the last 6 months anyway, minus his things.  I know he is eager to be able to feel more settled and we are eager for him to be settled.  I never would have thought as we went into the new year that someone like him would come along and fit with us perfectly to the point that Wifey and I have welcomed someone to move in and share life with us like this. We are very happy though!

Hopefully before too long we can share the podcasts that were recorded a few weeks ago, but one of the questions asked was do our families know about this lifestyle arrangement we are living in.  No, none of our family members know, and hopefully we will keep it that way even with K moving in, because the way our home is arranged there is some level of separation where it won’t be overly obvious.  We are doing nothing wrong, and yet in our society not everyone would wrap their heads around our choice to live like this, so it is just easier to try to be discreet.

In addition to all this, I had a major (but planned) surgery at the end of June, a hysterectomy, and have been needing to take it pretty easy and recover through all the chaos, but I have been doing what I can to help with painting and such as I am able.  Being so busy has helped distract K and I from the fact we cannot actually have vaginal sex for 10 weeks.  We have almost 3 of those weeks under our belt now, but who is counting!  Thankfully there are other ways to enjoy each other in the mean time.

There was some fun play a few nights ago when K and I had Wifey wear her bikini and we had her kneel in the bathtub and indulge in K’s pee straight from the source.  Wifey loves the water sports and I enjoy them from time to time too.  For whatever reason I had a strong urge to watch that!  Wifey drank a good bit, but she also had a good bit sprayed on her cute little titties too.  I had peed in a glass as well and when K was done I took my glass and poured it over her head!  We were nice and let her shower right afterwards though.  Wifey was grinning from ear to ear the rest of the night and most of the next day after that!

I know we teased you with a lot of new rules and rituals a couple months ago since K started taking a more dominant role with Wifey, and we never got around to explaining all of it!  So sorry!  Much of it has been hit or miss with consistency because of everything that has been going on, but hopefully in the next month we get back to a good routine here and we will start talking about all of that.  In the mean time please be patient as we get things settled here.


Hectic Life

Just a quick post to let our readers know we are alive and well. Life has been super hectic since we returned from our getaway. We have been dealing with some serious health issues of a beloved family member that has been time consuming and emotionally draining. But in happier news we are also super and hectic gettIng things arranged for K to move in with us!  Once things settle a bit we will catch you up, oh and there are two podcasts recorded you are sure to love soon!


Broken Clit and Other Lovey Thoughts

Yesterday, after about 3.5 weeks of continuous lock up, we had to let Wifey out of her cage.  She texted me a picture when I was at work showing me that there was a swollen spot, but in the picture it was hard to see, and she didn’t seem too alarmed so I decided to wait till K got home so he could unlock her.  We all rather like the dynamic of K being the primary one handling the cage whenever possible.

Well, if I had known how bad it was I would not have waited.  Once we had the cage off we saw what had happened…that damn punishment pin, although not very sharp, had actually punctured Wifey pretty good, and because the clit was trapped, the swelling went to the side where it could escape out the bar a bit.  It looked pretty bad at first, and I felt terrible!  We had Wifey take a bath in some Epsom salts while we ran some errands and then I picked up some hydrogen peroxide while I was out and after I returned I had Wifey literally soak her clitty in that for a while last night, just to help prevent any infection!

This morning so far she said it is looking a little better!  Needless to say that particular pin is going in the trash.  We had ordered the medium and the small one and I think that was the medium one.  Maybe down the line when Wifey is totally healed we will experiment with the smaller one (shorter), but we will definitely keep a closer eye by removing the cage and checking on it quite often till we know we can trust it.  So we broke the clitty, but luckily it will heal.  In the mean time we are going to leave Wifey unlocked the whole time we are gone on our trip later this week.  We leave Thursday night to see how far we get towards our destination, and then we check into our airbnb Friday and stay till Tuesday!  We cannot wait to have this trip, the first of many that the three of us are taking together.  We all need the few days away to unwind and get out in nature.  We won’t be doing touristy things on this trip, but rather getting out in the wilderness!  The airbnb has a hot tub with an amazing view of the blue ridge mountains, and I cannot wait to be relaxing in there with my two favorite people, soaking it all in!

So in theory the idea of locking Wifey up and never, ever letting her out is hot, but in reality she will need to come out from time to time to make sure all is well, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be punished if she gets hard.  It was fun during the weekend tormenting her, making her get hard in the cage and teasing her endlessly, but obviously that pin was not so fun!  I don’t ever want to cause her harm or medical issues, so we will keep a closer eye on things.

It was also nice when K returned from his long weekend away visiting his family.  We spent three nights apart, which was the longest we have been apart since very early on in the relationship.  It has become so normal for me to sleep wedged between Wifey and K, and wake up each morning next to them both that it really felt weird with him gone.  Of course I enjoyed the special time with Wifey, focusing even more attention on her, and I do not dwell, but it is nicer when the three of us can be together.  K was a little bummed he missed out on the all the lovely teasing I did with Wifey.  He finds it so hot to watch me be in dominant mode.  Although he is getting more dominant himself and Wifey and I are really enjoying that.  He came home and gave Wifey a special treat on Sunday night, which I will let her write about, because I it was such a fantasy of hers, and what I really love about it is that he came home on his own mission to do it with no prompting from me.  I really love how hard he is trying to step outside his normal comfort zone and do things like this for Wifey.  It just makes me love him more.

And speaking of that, each week that passes I feel like the connection K and I share is growing stronger and stronger.  I feel very close to him and very attached, but it also feels really safe.  I cannot imagine him ever breaking my heart.  He treats me like someone he cherishes, and even though we have a few little misunderstandings sometimes we talk about it and we learn more about each other.  With the dynamic of K becoming more dominant with Wifey I feel like Wifey is even happier too, because this whole thing is something she has craved, and she knows that no matter how happy I am with K, I also need my relationship with her to be the most happy.  It is so nice to be in a relationship with a man, that fits us so well, but also one where I don’t live in constant anxiety worrying about it going away.  I do not like to lose people, and I don’t really worry about losing K as much anymore.  You don’t find this type of trust and love and intense connection very often in life, so when you do you take good care of it!  I know what it is like to have a relationship go south to the point where someone you once were in love with yo can barely stand to look at, and so I take special care to make sure that I do everything I can not to let that happen again!  I am not referring to Wifey when I mention that, as I have also taken care with my relationship with her to make sure we don’t lose what has made us special either.  K doesn’t have that type of experience, of a serious relationship going badly, but he is a little unique because he doesn’t seem to be the type to take me for granted and that goes a long way in keeping a relationship strong.  I am lucky because I have found this type of love twice, and get to have it with two people at the same time.  The connections are different and the dynamic with each is different, but the intensity is the same.  Each day we take Wifey further into her slave wife status, the stronger my feelings get towards her, when I didn’t even think it was possible to love her more than I have, and each day that I spend with K the deeper I fall in love with him, and the closer to him I feel and the more I feel like I want to spend every day for the rest of my life with him too.  I don’t even know how likely it is that three people could find this type of relationship that we have found ourselves in, and for it to work with so little stress!  We just all meshed so well, it almost is hard to believe that it can happen this way.  There is no jealousy, no real fighting, just three people who have found what makes them tick and doing what makes us each happy!  It really is a beautiful thing and I don’t ever want to lose either one of them!


Kissing and Cumming News

So a while back we mentioned on our pod cast about a few changes for Wifey.  One of which was no longer being allowed to French Kiss me and the other was that she may not get me off.  A couple of our friends on here expressed concern about that being a bit harsh, so I wanted to talk about this!  When I decided to make these two things rules, I did talk to K about the fact that I still wanted there to be a few special times a year that Wifey can have these things, but for the most part I wanted her to be without them to reinforce what she is, the roles we all have, and that she is firmly under my (and to an extent, K’s) control!  Wifey also is the type of slave that prefers things to be more extreme than others may be able to handle.

In this case, from the day we met K for a full month Wifey just stopped French Kissing me, and that is when I decided that she was not going to be allowed to anymore.  If French Kissing me had been that important to her, she would have been doing it regardless of me being with K!  The truth is, Wifey feels more and more slave wife like, the harsher things are, and if she knows K is now handling certain things with me that drives the point home more and actually makes Wifey even more content.

K and I recently came up with a basket full of possible rewards that Wifey can draw at random if we feel her behavior and service has been great, and one of them is to be allowed to give me a French Kiss!  In addition to this, we feel tha a couple times a year, perhaps birthday and around Christmas, we will allow Wifey one day of being able to French Kiss me as much as she wants to!  That will be just right to allow her to have this still, but also keep her primarily in a state of not being allowed to have it and having to wait for that special time when she can.  The same goes for her getting me off, we may allow this at those special events, but the rest of the time her mouth on my pussy will be for cleaning purposes only!

I do want to clarify that these two changes were originally MY idea, and I am the one who brought them up to K.  K has since given me some fun ideas of his own, and we have worked together brainstorming some new things for Wifey, but that has only been at my encouragement.  K definitely did not enter this relationship to try to dictate how Wifey will be treated or her rules.  All of the dominant behavior K has acquired in this has been with my coaching and persuasion and it turns out he is enjoying it.  He just said last night that I am definitely bringing out a dominant side of him, one I don’t think he realized he had, but this is also balanced with the part that K doesn’t want to do anything that I am not okay with, so it works perfectly.  Wifey really loves that K is participating more, and I can let my guard down and allow him to because of the trust that he has established with me and because I know what his intentions are.  His intentions with any domination of Wifey are the same as mine, to make sure that Wifey is as fulfilled as we are!

K and I also both rather get off on the idea that Wifey now has to hear me having screaming Os that she is not creating!  K told me last night that he really loves that Wifey isn’t allowed to get me off, and that really is not because he wouldn’t be okay with it, but because he loves that Wifey just isn’t allowed.  The last time that K came in my pussy, he mentioned to me before we allowed Wifey to come into the room for cleanup that maybe we shouldn’t let her actually lick my pussy this time, but rather dig out all the cum and clean me with her fingers and then lick her fingers clean.  I agreed that sounded fun but told K that he should be the one to tell Wifey, after all it was his idea and he should get the credit for it.  He definitely surprised Wifey when he stated that she was not allowed to lick me, but Wifey behaved and obeyed and then the next day told me how hot that was.  I made sure Wifey knew that the idea was totally K’s, and she found that even more hot!

K is always thinking of Wifey too.  In fact the other night we were in Kohl’s and we were walking along when K stopped to touch this sheer robe type thing, and said that he thought that would be really nice for Wifey.  He even brought it up again last night, so I think this weekend while he is away I will take Wifey there to get it.  It might be a nice sheer coverup for Wifey to wear around our airbnb next week when we go away!  It is because of things like this that I have allowed and encouraged K to take a more active part in dominating Wifey with me.  Wifey is still ultimately MINE, and she is my most treasured possession of course, so I am very choosy who I will share her with, and K has definitely earned both of our trust and respect as far as that goes.  I never thought I would be okay with sharing Wifey like this, but it just somehow works, and feels so right to all of us, that I am going with it!


Huge Eruption and New Stuff

This HUGE eruption occurred last night, and oh my is K a big cummer!  I can think of at least one friend of ours who may be a bit jealous of the size of K’s load, since his loads have gotten smaller after being in the chastity lifestyle.  This picture also does not take into account the part that was all over the back of MY cock, or had dripped down into the hair behind my hand.  This was the result of a week and a half of cum build up but even so most of K’s loads are about this big!  He definitely cums like a real man should!  Also notice his body hair, I feel he has just the perfect amount of body hair for a man!  I love it!  It is such a contrast to Wifey because I have been making her shave herself for about 5 or more years now.

So anyway, last night we sent Wifey to her favorite store, Ross Dress for Less, because I know they normally have nice ceramic planting pots at a very reasonable cost, and K and I decided to allow her to make a special purchase for some type of shorts and a couple of tops that she can take on vacation next week that could be at least somewhat subtle if we let her wear them in public.  A couple of weeks ago we set forth some new rules for Wifey, and one of them is that she cannot make purchases of girly items without our permission and approval.  To a large extent we intend to use clothing and shoe purchases, even make up and other things, as rewards for good behavior, but in some cases we may allow them for gifts or for fun.

We gave Wifey instructions to text us pictures of what she wanted to buy, and we would give her the yes or no.  Once Wifey left though we wasted no time getting down to our own fun, I mean it had been a week and a half after all.  We have been quite busy here doing spring related outdoor work and getting shopping done for our trip next week.  K was kissing me really passionately, and I absolutely loved it.  Every time he puts his tongue in my mouth my pussy gets wet and tingly and I just feel so close to him.  Then we got started fucking, and K fucked me hard (I mean slamming that cock into me repeatedly as hard as he could hard) and it felt amazing!  He fucked me for about a half hour and managed not to cum.  When we took a breather we realized the first few pictures had come from Wifey, so I had to apologize for the delay.  However when I told her I had been getting fucked she understood.

While Wifey continued to shop K set about getting me off.  Of course my pussy was quite wet after he had pounded it for so long, so his fingers slid right in and the moment he put his mouth on my pussy I thought I was going to cum instantly because it just felt so fucking good and so intense.  I didn’t because I just don’t cum that fast, but the feeling was incredible and over the next 10 to 15 minutes K worked me closer and closer to a very hard orgasm that felt almost gutteral in the moaning I was doing.  After I came down from my O I realized there were more messages from Wifey with more items she wanted.  We made our selection, a pair of shorts and 2 tops along with one pair of slutty shoes not for public use.  K and I discussed the items and made the selections together.

Then I got busy giving K and super hard hand job, working him closer to the edge.  Sometimes when he has a lot of different things on his mind he is harder to push over the edge, and this was one of those times, but I am determined.  I gave him a nice hard and fast hand job, and even as his body clenched up and he squirmed a bit, I did not slow down, and continually pushed him closer and closer to the edge until finally he erupted all over my hand, grunting as he did!  The next thing I did was take a picture and send it to Wifey, who informed me she was at the front door, which was latched from the inside so she could not get in!  Oops!  I hurried downstairs while trying not to lose all that delicious cum on my hand and let her in and then told her to hurry up and get upstairs!

Once she entered the bedroom K put her to work cleaning his cock good first!  There was a lot of cum in his hair around the base so I made sure she got all that really well!  In the meantime some of the cum dripped from my hand to my robe and K’s chest so Wifey had to clean all that before I allowed her to eat the rest of the big load from my hand!  Wifey was in her glory, tasting his hot manly cum and being under our control, safely locked up in her cage.

Before we went to bed, K undid the screw on Wifey’s chastity cage so we could put the longer, pointed security pin in place.  The past two weeks or so Wifey has been locked up with the shorter blunt one, but I want her to feel the more painful one this long holiday weekend!  K handles the locking and unlocking of the cage better than I do, which I find rather hot and so does Wifey, so I decided to do this before he leaves for the long weekend with his family, that way Wifey is trapped with the painful pin till he returns!  I am probably only going to handle the cage in the event of an emergency, and really what I want is Wifey permanently locked up so she can never get hard again!  When she gets horny enough she will milk right in the cage, and that will be enough for her.  Since Wifey and I have three days together, just the two of us, I know we will probably watch some hot porn and some other teasing that will really frustrate Wifey and make her feel the pain of that pin, and she knows I have no intention of having that pin taken out till at least K returns!

I am so far behind posting here, because I have been busy with vanilla activities!  Spring is hectic because I get busy with my garden and flowers and landscape work!  I am never happier than I am in the spring when I can get my hands back in the dirt and see everything come to life!  This year has been extra fun getting to share the spring with Wifey and with K!  It is so nice having 3 people work together to make everything happen!  I am very happy right now.

Locked Up Clit

The long awaited day finally occurred a couple weeks ago when my jailbird arrived unannounced in our mailbox.  Mistress was reminding me daily what my clit was in store for and how much she wanted it.  She loves that it has a screw that can only be removed with a customized cut key.  A key of course that I will have no access to. It was a day or two before it was placed upon me because I had to come up with a new mantra that addressed our new life with K.

I arrived at a mantra that seemed fitting, but it did get modified slightly afterwards, so it was now time to slip into my clit’s new home.  I  got it all situated and it fits perfectly but Mistress was struggling trying to get the screw lined up properly in order not to cross thread it.  Finally, K came to the rescue and got it all locked down nice and snug.   Mistress and I both felt that it was appropriate that K locked it up as he is the man in the house and has the cock that pleases Mistress.

Mistress ordered three keys .  One for her, one for K and one that is available to me in case of emergency in case they are not around.  Mistress and K both have theirs on their key rings and the emergency key is in a sealed and signed envelope that I would have to destroy to get open so obviously I can’t sneak and unlock myself without them knowing.

My previous cage was not made for long term use and didn’t allow for proper cleaning so I only could wear it for short periods of time.  The jailbird is made for long term/permanent use, is easy to keep yourself clean and impossible to remove because we purchased the model with the security/punishment pin that inserts into the cage thus being partially impaled into the flaccid clit and obviously makes itself noticed when my clit becomes engorged.  My pathetic little clit is well secure in it as it is only1 1/2″ in length.  There is no room for my clit to expand unless it swells between the bars and stretches the balls.  Anyone who has worn a jailbird or other chastity device of this style knows what I mean.

So with both the security lock and pin, Mistress and K have total control over how long my clitty will be behind bars.  Mistress wants it permanently locked up, only released to be shaved, beat, tormented then locked back up. She has even mentioned that if we fly that I will be placed in a plastic cage until we reach our destination then it will be locked back up in the jailbird.   My clit is useless to her except to torment, torture and use for her amusement.  She did torment the shit out of it with the magic wand and it drove me insane.  She pinched some skin between it by mistake and a bar so some blood was shed but nothing of any concern.

Having worn a cage before for short periods of time, I know how it feels to have no access to my clit.  Maybe because it knows that it is permanently locked up, it twitches and throbs all day long and leaks with no stimulation.  When a vibrator is applied to it, it is on edge in less than 10 seconds leaking heavily like a horny pussy ready to cum.  We have not had the opportunity to edge it hard but I know that I will milk just from a vibrator.  My nipples also provide direct stimulation to my clit and I seriously think that I may be able to milk if both of my tits were being sucked and bitten at the same time.

Chastity has a different affect on each person based on their mindset and situation so I can only speak for myself.  Its only been a week and a half but it has already made changes to my mindset.  My clit is useless and K takes care of all her sexual needs so having it locked up re-enforces that Mistress has no use for it and that she never wants it hard again.  Its a constant reminder that I am a female slave and has actually intensified my need to have my tits and holes used like a dirty slutty cock whore.  It also allows me to be a better slave wife as I focus on these areas to keep my mind off my clitty.  It supports my thought process that as I continue to transition and become even more of a trans woman that my clit and balls should be small, petite and feminine.

Stay tuned as we’ll be writing more as Mistress and K find ways to torment, torture and use it to keep me in a constant state of arousal and horniness.   New rules and rituals have also been established by Mistress and K and they’ll be in a post shortly.




Huge Shoe Collection

I thought since we have been a little quiet around here, I would take a minute to show you Wifey’s shoe collection!  She is one spoiled slave wife I think!   While we sorted through her shoes for this picture we did eliminate a few that were in rough shape!  One pair we got rid of was the pink sandal at the bottom, but when we realized how nicely it could spank her ass we decided to keep just one for that purpose!

Which one is your favorite pair?

Wifey is half done with a post about the arrival of her new jailbird, so stay tuned with that, and K and I will be doing our podcast soon!

Q&A on Cum Feeding

One of our loyal followers asked if I could write a post about the cum feeding post that Mistress wrote a few days ago. He wanted to know how it felt performing on K, how it felt to have him in my mouth, how it affected me mentally, if I really wanted to make him cum and how I felt when I couldn’t get him off.  All excellent questions and hopefully I will have just as good answers and elaborate beyond them.

Before I get into the meat of the topic, I want to clarify some things.  I will not be using labels such as straight, bi, gay, lesbian, etc.  Using labels in the context of this writing will cause confusion.  For me, labels are meaningless.  It is sex to me.  Whether it is a man, woman or trans it is all sex albeit kinky sex at times.

My pleasure ultimately comes from serving as a slave wife, used as a dirty slut, whore, pain slut and being degraded and humiliated.  From a sex standpoint, K provides Mistress with all her sex and orgasms and as I live as a trans person I find my need to be a complete, total, cock whore and used as a female sex slave ever increasing.

Now for the questions:

How it felt performing on K.   I love every time I get to please him with my mouth.  I love sucking cock in general and Mistress wants me to worship the cock that is giving her pleasure.  This time was especially nice as I was told to suck him to completion.  I love cum and he is a big cummer, so my desire to have his entire load shot directly into my slutty mouth was very welcomed and exciting.  I also want him to enjoy my mouth as being a slave I want to provide him pleasure as often and for as long as he likes.

How it felt to have him in my mouth.   There’s something very gratifying to me to have cock in my mouth.  To know that it is sexually satisfying to my partner, feeling it get hard, throb and leak.  K’s cock gets rock hard and is just the right length to hit my throat and gag me when my head is shoved down on it to his balls.  As Mistress says, my mouth is just a hole to be used whether I am doing the sucking, being face fucked or used as a urinal.

How it affected me mentally.   All the effects are positive.  As a slave, I want to provide pleasure. I  have no limits so whatever form or activity that involves fulfills me. This holds true for any gender.  I do as I am told and want to provide the recipient the utmost enjoyment.  I love to be used as a dirty slut and do what many would view as degrading acts willingly, without hesitation and get great satisfaction from it.  I am Mistress’ slave so with the relationship that her and K have, I find myself wanting to be quite submissive to K.   They are the couple and I am the slave in the household so I naturally gravitate to serving both of them.

Did I really want to make him cum.  Of course I did!  I am a cumslut!  I can’t get enough of it.  I want to eat it, wear it and have it pumped into my holes.  K’s cum is very tasty and nice and thick so its a delicacy for me.

How I felt when I couldn’t get him off?  I’ve sucked K many times either getting him ready to fuck Mistress or most often cleaning it afterwards so this was the first opportunity to have it all to myself like a greedy slut.  I was totally bummed that I didn’t make him cum.  I wanted to give him the euphoria that you only get cumming and also get a full complete load directly deposited into my mouth.

When I was told to stop and leave the room so Mistress could finish the task at hand, I was angry with myself.  I love being a slave to his cock and really wanted to give him the satisfaction of cumming into this slut’s mouth.  Mistress was so kind to share his load from her mouth so I did cheer up as my mouth was full of his tasty cum.

I found these questions interesting as they can be completely different from person to person depending on the relationship.  It would be interesting to hear what a cuckolded sissy might say, a male slave, a man living in an FLR or someone who just tried it. If anyone wishes to provide their comments, personal experiences, it is welcomed.




Questions for Next Podcast

Hello to all of our kinky readers, happy Monday to you all!  The next podcast is going to feature just K and myself since Wifey is undergoing vocal training. She can make a post about that soon.

So what questions do our readers have for myself and / or K that we can answer for you?  It will be more fun if we focus it on what our readers want to know!


Poly Lifestyle Thoughts

Since it has been several months that Wifey and I entered a poly lifestyle with K, I thought I would finally post about my thoughts on this.  A poly lifestyle was definitely not something I could wrap my head around, until it just happened to us!  I have been watching the show Sister Wives for many years, and I always scratch my head wondering how he keeps up with 4 wives, not to mention all those kids, and how could he really love all 4 wives and have something special with them all?  I certainly never saw myself being in his place, to a much lesser extent, yet I am.

All of us have had to make some adjustments to make this work.  Wifey had to be okay sharing me, watching me have intimate and emotional times with another person besides herself, K has made the sacrifice of having much time at his own place to spend most every night with us, and I have been burning the candle a bit at both ends, trying to make sure Wifey still gets time with me and so does K!  It has been interesting, and at times each of us has gotten a little cranky, but yet it works because we want it.

Wifey still belongs to me, but K has been getting a little more dominant with Wifey, helping me beat her, giving me some creative ideas of things we can do with Wifey, and even surprised me a bit when he wanted to cum in Wifey’s mouth!  I enjoy this aspect of K helping me in those ways, while Wifey is still MINE.  Wifey does most of K’s laundry and I know she enjoys the servitude aspect of that.  I even got K to piss in a glass with me so Wifey could have some mixed pee!  I told him early on I was going to corrupt him, and in some ways I did, but in other ways he was already corrupted and continues to surprise me sometimes with what he is open to.

Wifey has adjusted, and so have I, to me spending a night each week or two at K’s place.  This was a compromise so K could feel like he at least still had some time at his own place, with his own things, and it also works to give us a little special time alone, which we often use to talk about things we can do with Wifey, so it benefits Wifey that way!  The first night I slept at K’s place was hard for me because I worried about Wifey, and I really did not sleep well.  Once I talked with her on my way to work the next morning and knew she had handled it just fine, I was able to relax the next time.

K and Wifey get along great.  I love how Wifey can have K’s cum smeared on her cheeks still from cleaning us, but then we can all go downstairs and talk about vanilla things like this is something perfectly normal that must happen in each household.  I am glad that they get along so well, because this wouldn’t work if they didn’t.

K and I mostly get along great!  We have had a few minor misunderstandings, like any couple does at times, but we talk about things and get through it.  K has been single for a long time, with just some dating but nothing serious, so it has been an adjustment for him to be in a relationship, and he had never been in one this serious before, and then throw in the unusual dynamic, and its no wonder a little adjustment is needed.  Because K has been on his own for so long, sometimes he is not as attuned to how someone else is feeling, so communication is vital.  I sometimes get frustrated and expect someone to be a mind reader, so when he doesn’t just automatically figure out what I want, I have to communicate.

It is very important to K that we include Wifey, and that Wifey be happy in this dynamic too, so I really appreciate that part.  I could never do this if Wifey would be unhappy with it.  No matter how much I have fallen in love with K, I still love Wifey too, and I could never hurt her, nor do I want to live life without her.  The longer I am with K, the more I feel that way about him too though.  I think it was bound to happen!  No one is jealous of anyone so this works.  There is no reason to be.  We all have our own role in this lifestyle, and I make sure they both feel wanted and loved and special, and they do the same for me.

There is definitely a spark with K that I have not felt with anyone else, maybe even Wifey, from the aspect that still when he kisses me it can just send shivers through my body.  That feeling usually fades away with people, but it really hasn’t with him.  We fell madly in love, and that feeling hasn’t faded away either.  I like waking up between Wifey and K nearly every day, and I want to be the first and last thing they each think about every day.

Now that Wifey’s work is slowing down, I have been brainstorming some new things that K and I can do with her.  I want to get her into some new rituals and routines, and also the new fun that will come when her cage arrives in a few weeks!  I can’t wait to lock her up and torment the shit out of that little clitty each time it tries to get hard.  I really get off on that, and I love to remind her of her place.

I am very happy that K found our profile, because I had pretty much given up on ever finding a person that would fit with us and be available, but he found us and I quickly threw all my rules out the window because everything felt so right to all of us.  I love how I get to see K every day, unless he is away visiting family, and that we all share our days together.  I am still getting used to the fact I can just pick up the phone and call him if I want to, but that part is nice too.  There is no sneaking around.  No guilt either.  This is what I needed, but I didn’t even know how much I needed it till it found us!  All I know is I am very happy and I don’t ever want that to change.

If anyone has any questions for us about this poly lifestyle, please feel free to ask, and we will do our best to answer.