Blog Title Change

Even though we have not known K all that long, everything has been so right from the first night we met, that it feels like it has been much longer.  Wifey and I have a saying that we use in this lifestyle, that when it is right things tend to move fast.  Somehow, without even planning it, things quickly developed to a point where K spends nearly every night with us, unless either he or we are away!  We didn’t plan that, nor did we really talk about it at first, it just sort of happened.  From the first night he stayed over, 5 days after we met, we have just clicked and easily fell into a routine.

Even though things are still fairly new, with all the conversations we have all had together, and I have had with them separately, I know that K isn’t going anywhere, so I felt that it was only appropriate to edit our blog title here to include him!  I also modified the tag line underneath, since it seems we are now living in a poly lifestyle, and I edited the About us page a bit too.  The poly thing is something I did not envision our life including, however, I never envisioned us actually finding the perfect man to have a committed relationship with, so my mind becomes more open to possibilities and realities as opportunity arises.

I do want to say, that while I am sure you will all continue to hear how this unfolds, as more time passes, I do not make decisions like this lightly, and so to some readers this might seem like things are moving fast, however, when it is right it is right!  We have both become very attached to K and we don’t want to see him go anywhere!  I am working hard to make sure that Wifey still feels just as loved and adored by me as K now does too, and that I give them each what they need as they give me what I need!


Valentine’s Fun

Last night K and I prepared a delicious steak dinner for the 3 of us, while wifey was doing her hair and makeup. It was so yummy and I have found that I really enjoy cooking with K. Sometimes I cook alone, sometimes Wifey cooks for us and sometimes we cook together. It is a nice mix!

After dinner we all exchanged cards and gifts. I received a gorgeous plant from K with purple flowers on it and a card that said some really amazing things and made me happy! Wifey got me a new bamboo plant and a gift card to get a spa facial done at my favorite place!

For Wifey she got her little shopping spree for several new tops and a cute purple bra! Then I had an apron specially made for her that is purple to match the blog and has a big white “wifey” across the top. She will wear this when she cooks for us and we will get a picture soon for the blog!

For K I framed a little picture of me that he loves from the first night we met and wrote a little note on the back. I also got him a vinyl album he has wanted. His primary gift though, and the most meaningful one, was the anklet I had made for him from the same lady who made Wifey’s set. With his job this is the only feasible jewlery for him to wear 24/7 so that is what I got him. I wanted him to have this to wear for 2 reasons. One as a symbol of my trust in him, as it is not easy to earn my trust and he has, and also as a symbol that even though he isn’t my submissive or slave, he did give me his cock and orgasms and I want this to remind him that his cock is MINE and his pleasure will only come from me! K seemed quite happy about this, but perhaps he will write a post from his perspective because I do see significant meaning to this anklet!

After that Wifey modeled each new garment for us and in between the fashion show K and I were talking and kissing. When that was done it was already 10pm so Wifey went to clean the kitchen from our dinner and K and I went upstairs to have some sexy time!

We did a few positions and ended up on all 3 beds at some point before I finished by riding his cock again, with his hands bound to his thighs, till I let him explode in me! Then I called Wifey up to clean the cum and lick my asshole for fun before I finally just used the wand on myself while each of them played with a nipple till I came.

It was a really perfect Valentine’s Day. Wifey’s card for me was good reinforcement that she is very much okay with how my relationship with K is going and that was good for me to know! K’s card was also good reinforcement that he feels the same way about me as I do about him! I couldn’t be happier and I am trying not to over think the various challenges in trying to live in this 3 dynamic in a society that does not conform to that!


Two Valentines

This year Valentine’s Day is going to be very fun since I have two special Valentines, Wifey and K!

K even has the day off work, so we can cook a nice dinner together after I get home from work, and the three of us can enjoy it together.  It is also supposed to be unusually warm, so I think we can even use the grill for a yummy steak dinner!

It has been fun the last couple of weeks figuring out what I wanted to get each of them and picking out appropriate cards!  Wifey was a little easier because I know exactly what to get her!  I actually took her on a little clothing shopping spree this past weekend, but I have not allowed her to touch any of the clothing till she tries it all on and models it for K and I tomorrow night!  There is another surprise item she does not know about, so hopefully she likes it!  I had it made specially for her!

K was a little more challenging because I haven’t been with him as long, and like me, he is rather picky.  Still, I think he will like what I came up with, and after looking at a hundred cards, I found just the right one!  One of my favorite things in life is to pick out special gifts for people and surprise them, so hopefully both of my Valentines will be happy!

Speaking of having two Valentines, how could a woman be more lucky, or happy?  I have my devoted slave wife and a super hot boyfriend, I get to have any kinky desire fulfilled one way or the other, and both of them treat me so well!  2017 was a bit of a rough year for me, so I am very happy that 2018 has started out so great so far!  I never anticipated us meeting someone like K, but I am so happy we did!  It is a bit of a balancing act for me making sure that both of them get what they need and want, and that I do as well, but I feel like I am doing a good job with that!

I am sure we will have some tid bits to post after Valentine’s Day and perhaps some modeling to share with you all, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I hope all of you fellow kinksters have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and do not forget to give your special people some love!


Edging O for K!

Thursday evening K and I went out alone together to eat and shop while Wifey had to put in more time at her desk working. K’s day had been a bit stressful and I could tell he was tense when he arrived and seemed to be that way for a bit in the car too. I knew he had a bad day so I figured it wasn’t me and would get better once he got some dinner and to unwind a bit.

I had a long day the previous day at work so I made sure I got home at a good time this evening since K would be leaving after work Friday to go away for 2 nights. therefore I would not be seeing him until Sunday evening. It is kind of amazing how normal it now feels to see him nearly every day so when something comes up and we don’t, it does feel odd to be apart. We don’t dwell on it though! It can be good for people to miss each other and long for each other!

So we went to this neat burger place where I had an interesting burger with toppings I have never had before. After we placed our orders, I could tell that K was now past his work stress and just enjoying being with me. I like sitting across from him, looking into his face, looking at those lips I love, that I can now kiss any time I want. I must get at least a hundred kisses from K every day that I see him. I love that!

Anyway after shopping we were back at the house, snuggled on the love seat testing out a new blanket we had bought. I wasted no time getting my cock hard and taking it out so I could play with it. Mmm! I had it edgy while we were still downstairs so we decided it was time to head up to the bedroom. I didn’t want to have sex on this night, as the timing wasn’t good for me, but I wanted to play with my cock and possibly make K cum!

Before we got started, K had a few things to tell me which made me very happy to hear, and actually made me want to hear him cum hard for me even more! Part of me wanted to ruin his first orgasm though too so I teased him about the prospect of both. K asked to try Spike, the evil spiked cock ring, so I put it on him and continued my torment of my cock till a minute or two later when it was clear spike was a little too much for him just yet.

I have mastered how to get K to the edge with my hand faster than I can with my pussy yet, so I had him to the edge really fast, and then just slowed down or stopped for a couple of seconds before starting again.  This went on several times, for probably at least a half hour.  I can’t even remember what all I was teasing him about, as I brought him to the verge of orgasm so many times, but it was HOT!  I know I was asking him if he loves it when he is making me cum, that I grab his head roughly, and that he would probably love it if I climbed on top of him and planted my pussy on his face!  He agreed!  I reminded him that his cock is all MINE and that I won’t share him! I also told him I will have to ruin his orgasm sometime.

Finally after a half hour or so I took pity on him and decided to let my poor cock cum!  It was so hard in my hand, leaking pre cum the whole time, twitching and contracting for me, so I decided it was time to let him cum hard for me!  I was hoping to catch most of the cum in my hand but I knew that wasn’t too likely.  When I finally let K cum for me, he moaned pretty hard and there was so much cum that spurted out that it landed in several placed and coated my hand too!  K has nice thick manly cum too, not the watery kind that comes out of Wifey’s little pathetic clitty!

Look at that giant load of cum all over K and my hand!  As soon as he was done cumming I called for Wifey, who was downstairs and told her to bring her mouth upstairs!  She came up grinning when she saw the great big treat waiting for her, as she loves clean up detail!  She took care to make sure she lapped up all the cum from both of us.  Some of the cum from my hand dripped onto other parts of K that she had to lick up too!

Once Wifey was done she went back downstairs and waited while I said good night to K.  He has to get up and leave for work 90 minutes before I need to leave, so most nights I cuddle with K till he is really sleepy and then I go back downstairs to spend a little time with Wifey and get lunches made.  We have all gotten into a routine that works.  Each of them has some alone time with me each day and I get to make them both happy!

On a side note, I have been sexting with K tonight, while he is away, and I am so fucking horny!  I haven’t cum since last Sunday evening, so I am closing in on day 7 and it has really put my mind in the gutter!  I even watched some porn today and edged myself for an hour, but did not cum because I know I will cum much harder with K tomorrow night!

Beating and an O!

After my last beating, K expressed to Mistress how much he enjoyed seeing her dominant, sadistic side. Mistress also said that she missed beating her slave wife’s girly ass and inflicting pain on her. So, it appears that there will be a weekly maintenance beating for their enjoyment and my need to be beaten and reminded that I am her female slave with no limits and she can do as she pleases with her property. Added to this will be additional punishment for any infractions that I incur from my last beating.

Last Sunday was once again that time. I knew that I was to be whipped so I wore a thong for easy access to my ass. Mistress wanted K involved so she told him to pick three instruments to use on me. He went into our toy closet and made his choices and brought them downstairs to the living room where I was positioned on the couch. Much to my chagrin, he chose three whips that are very painful. A small cat, quirt and chain whip were handed to Mistress. Mistress informed me that I would receive a least 25 lashes from each. I knew I was in for some severe torture.

K came up with the idea that if I remained still and accepted my punishment without squirming and complaint that I should be allowed to cum. Even though I came the night before, I welcomed this thought as it could be months before I am allowed to cum if ever at all. Mistress started with the cat, then the quirt, which feels like it is cutting you and lastly the chain whip, that can bring one to their knees. She concentrated my lashing mainly to my right cheek and thigh thus causing me extreme pain in a concentrated area. K sat in the side chair enjoying watching his woman having fun and berating her slave girl. My ass was intensely sore and the chain whip felt like it was cutting my ass to shreds.

I remained in place and took my discipline even though it was quite difficult at times not to try to move away from the pain. I do enjoy being beat but as anyone in this position knows it also can be arduous, and agonizing depending on the instruments being used and the severity of the lashes. But, I remained resolved to take it for as long and hard as my Mistress wanted.

Finally, she stopped as my ass was stinging, throbbing, tender, sore and red. She had given me a good whipping, one that as her slave, I deserve. As a couple, K loves watching her perform and Mistress loves inflicting pain on her slave wife so I am happy to be the object of their delight and amusement. I have always liked to suffer for Mistress now I am suffering for the both of them, in different ways.

When I went to put the toys away, Mistress told me to bring the magic wand back with me. I did as instructed and sat on my side chair as Mistress and K were making out on the couch. Mistress told me that I could cum using the wand. I applied it to my limp, pathetic, little clit and used the low setting to torment it as the high setting sometimes is to much and makes it feel numb.

It began throbbing immediately, proving what a slutty girl I am. I moved the wand in a stroking motion as I wasn’t allowed to stroke it at all. It was on edge, leaking like a pussy and Mistress said that I could cum and to cum in my hand. It didn’t take long and it was a little bit embarrassing to have to get off in front of them in this manner.

Sometimes it is hard for me to cum with the wand, but what pushed me over the edge was seeing Mistress passionately kissing K. The two of them entwined with each other, mouths locked together. I came hard and had a big load which surprised me as I had just cum the previous day. The vast majority of it landed it my hand with a few spurts landing on my leggings. I expected that I would be told to eat it but Mistress wanted to humiliate me and told me to smear it on my face. It is degrading, but I complied as I am her slave and also love to be degraded, debased and humiliated. I defiled my face, rubbing my cum all over it and massaged it in as a lotion would be.

Hopefully this will be a weekly event as I love being used, beat, tortured and objectified. Not to mention that Mistress and K delight in and have fun with it!


What a Wonderful Weekend Part 2

Picking up where I left off, once K discovered me wearing that lingerie, he couldn’t keep his hands off me. We were making out and I was getting so aroused and horny! We made our way upstairs to test out the guest bed while Wifey was in the Master bedroom doing her hair and makeup.

The night before part of the reason I made us drinks was to loosten me up so hopefully I could have sex on top and be more comfortable and actually be able to see it through till K could cum that way. Woman on top is his favorite position and way to cum, so I wanted him to be able to have this with me. No sex occured Friday since I got too tipsy though. So now here we were in the middle of the day, sunlight streaming in the windows, and I was going for it anyway!

On the guest bed we found it works perfectly for the bed to rock with us and once I saw that K was actually enjoying me on top, I relaxed and went with it. It was clear to see by the expressions on his face that he was feeling great and loved it, and even though it was still a little awkward for me, I tried to just focus on him. My breasts were hanging over the cups of the lingerie so he played with them a bit! After a little bit K said he was close and asked to cum. There was no way I was going to say no when I was that close to finally making a man cum while I was on top! Definitely a first for me!

K came hard after 9 days without an O and he even grunted a couple times, which made me feel really good! Once he caught his breath, while I was still on top, he kissed me so hard and told me how amazing it was. That definitely made me happy! We stayed like that a bit, his massive load of cum draining out of me all over both of us, till I summoned Wifey to clean us up!

Wifey had her work cut out trying to get us both clean while not ruining her makeup! We were a big sticky and gooey mess! Between his cum and my wetness there was so much! K laid back while Wifey licked it from him and then Wifey licked my pussy as clean as she could get it. She was definitely licking like a good cum loving slut too!

K and I cuddled a bit and I enjoyed how close I felt to him after his hard O. Then he asked if he could get me off so I nodded. He positioned himself to get 2 fingers deep inside me while he started to lick my pussy and it felt amazing! I was very relaxed so I was near the edge almost immediately, but K was taking his time, going about it almost teasingly at first, seemingly enjoying making me desperate for him! I was! I wanted to cum so badly!

Just before I came he started to lick me harder and use his fingers harder too which felt incredible so I grabbed his head more roughly and really pushed his face into my pussy and did not let go till I came loud enough for the whole street to hear! Afterwards I felt like jelly and had to catch my breath as we kissed and held each other. At one point during those moments after, K told me that what we just did was exactly what he was thinking about all week while he edged, and that he was very content. For a moment I thought maybe he was going to say something else, as he kept having this look on his face like he wanted to but was holding back, so I can’t be sure. Or maybe it was wishful thinking on my part because there are things I want to say but keep holding back. I do know that I was so comfortable and happy at that point!

After that I made us some pizzas for dinner and we relaxed, cuddling and kissing and playing with Wifey which she already wrote about. Later, after dinner, I told K that I had made the drinks the night before to get some liquid courage to relax more on top so I could hopefully cum. He laughed and commented on how I didn’t need the liquid courage after all, I just did it in the middle of a bright afternoon. It made me happy to know he appreciated me overcoming that for him!

Sunday K and I went together to a used vinyl record shoppe while Wifey tended to a work matter. K is a good driver so I feel relaxed and safe being out with him. K is a very responsible person all the way around, which is another thing I love about him. When we returned we worked together and made some yummy BBQ ribs and baked potatos for dinner. While I had the ribs pre-boiling K was kissing me and turning me on so much I almost boiled all the water out of the pan. At this point K told me he had been thinking of fucking me all day and had been thinking about that at the record shoppe. I told him he should have come up and whispered it in my ear while we were there!

He also said one of the sweetest things ever about the fact that he prefers me without makeup because it is so amazing that I can look so sexy without needing makeup. Sometimes when he says things like that I just feel so special and feel like he truly just wants the totally real me! K thinks he has a hard time communicating sometimes, but he does a great job with communicating that way to put me at ease and make me just relax and enjoy this! During this time he sort of lifted my shirt, and pulled my leggings and panties down a bit and kissed me all over my stomach. I didn’t flinch too much I don’t think, but once I felt his lips all over me like that I was relaxed. I wonder if he even knew that would make me feel better or if he was just kissing me thete like that because he just wanted too. Maybe I am more concerned about my flaws than anyone else is.

He asked me if I wanted to get off as he had me very worked up and I said yes and stripped my panties and leggings off and spread my legs right there on the love seat! He again used his fingers and mouth to bring me to another super intense orgasm where I screamed again! Wifey was tending to K’s laundry upstairs and walked in as I was getting close so she got to enjoy how hard I was cumming against his face.

After dinner we were right back at it with the making out. Then I took K upstairs, tied his balls up tightly, put nipple clamps on him, and proceeded to crop and whip his cock and balls while he squirmed! That cock stood at attention during it all, loving my more sadistic side. After I had my fun we went in the guest room again where I wasted no time climbing on top of him with his balls still tied up, and riding my cock!

I started off with my nightgown on, not the sexy kind, but after a few minutes I just pulled it off and rode him naked. It took a while for K to cum, but I didn’t let that worry me as he made sure I knew how amazing it felt the whole time. I just focused on him and truly let go in my own mind, and didn’t think about anything except how fucking sexy he is and how badly I wanted his cum in me. In fact I made it clear as I teased him that there was no way I was going to stop till he filled me with his cum! I had him close for a good while and then I started really grinding on top of him and all of a sudden he just came really hard!

This orgasm was better and more intense for him than the day before. The look on his face after and his smile was just so intense and I felt so close to him and so happy with myself for really letting go and trusting him. We stayed wrapped up in each other a while, all the time K letting me know how great it was, till Wifey came to clean us up again! We cuddled more after that too, and again I thought that K might say something else but he didn’t. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other though!

Afterwards I gave Wifey her beating and let her cum again, but she can write about that part…

So it seems it really was a very wonderful weekend! We didn’t want Monday morning to cum. I really turned a corner in letting my guard nearly all the way down and it felt great. It all just makes my feelings towards K stronger and my trust more. I also discovered how much I love using Wifey while K is watching, which I will elaborate on down the line.

The next step to fully letting my guard down with K, is letting him see a glimpse of my old life, when I wasn’t healthy, but that is proving to be harder than I thought it would be because it is hard for me to look back on those years, and even harder for me to share that with someone who never knew me that way. My fear is always that someone who only knows me now will change their opinion of me if they know everything I’ve had to overcome to get my life where it is today. In my healthy life I get to choose who I allow that far in. I feel that I’ll never be as relaxed as I can be with anyone that I want to be my complete self with, if I can’t share that part too. I would never work so hard to relax on top and actually make any man cum that way if he wasn’t a man I could see sticking around and really accepting me. Maybe I will overcome this next hurdle soon too so I don’t feel like there is any wall at all up and I can let both Wifey and K have the best version of myself.

What a Wonderful Weekend Part 1

It was such a wonderful weekend that I am not sure my post will do it justice. I had a long drive home Friday, but I was eagerly anticipating being reunited with Wifey and K! It happened to be K’s weekend and he was planning to spend all of it with us! I got home a little before he did and I was able to spend a little time with Wifey and get a little time in my tub before K arrived!

He greeted me in the bathroom where I was still soaking. I hadn’t been in there all that long so I invited him to join me! As he stripped down I moved to the other end of the tub and got situated so he could slide into the other end. We soaked in the tub together for a good while, holding hands and catching up. Wifey served us cold drinks since the tub water gets quite hot with the heater!

K and I also spend a lot of time just looking at each other, not necessarily saying anything. At one point I asked him what he was thinking about and he said “just thinking about how beautiful you are”. Talk about sweet, especially when I had just spent all day on the road, after a little bit stressful week away, with my second day hair that wasn’t even styled! Definitely makes a person feel wanted for all that they are!

In the tub I also teased K about how he had not cum in 9 days! I made sure he knew I was pleased that he had edged himself many times for me while I was gone, but did not cum and had waited for me. Even though K has given me his cock and wants to only cum with me or when I allow it, he isn’t my submissive other than from that aspect or some of the short term fun play scenes. He is a giving type of person regardless of his status as a submissive, so many of his actions can be construed as submissive. I rather like the fact that he is just my kinky boyfriend, who wants all of his pleasure to revolve around me, as I do not feel any pressure to live up to a dominant fantasy for him. I just get to be my normal cock tease self and treat him like any devious cock tease might treat her boyfriend. However I really love how kink friendly K is and how he doesn’t mind being part of or witnessing other harder core kink that I share with Wifey.

There is actually so much to write that this may need to be two posts. You all have hopefully read so far that I had Wifey lock up in her cruel little chastity device and hand the keys to K on Wed night so he could hide them for me before they went to dinner together. This idea came to me on Sunday morning as I showered, because it is devious as fuck and also because I didn’t want Wifey locked up as many days as I would be gone. K doesn’t necessarily want to dominate Wifey, but K does enjoy helping me fulfill some of the things with Wifey that I can’t do on my own, so it is a win win. Wifey is MY slave anyway and I normally do not like to share well (even though I am very sharing in every other area of my life), so this is a win win!

I also hoped as K thought more about it, he would realize that for me to allow this, means that I really trust him. Wifey is my most precious possession and allowing something like this when I am not there to oversee it, was a big step for me in my level of trust. I am not one who trusts easily, and K has been earning my trust from day one by being such a good person and following through on everything he says. That is huge to me! K approaches this relationship with the same level of commitment and sincerity I do! When I don’t have to worry someone will disappear on me or make promises they can’t keep, I can actually let my guard down. The key was exactly where K told me it was and just in case Wifey had discovered it, I moved it to a new location before I had Wifey try to find it for the chance to cum!

After our bath and dinner K and I went to get groceries so we would have everything we needed for the weekend. No hot play happened Friday night because I made us some quite strong frozen drinks with vodka and I needed to release a little tension from the week and get some feelings of worry off my chest before I could get on with things. It turned out I got rather tipsy and we just went to bed after a lot of laughter! Sometimes you need that. By Saturday morning I was relaxed and the weight of my worry was lifted and I could focus on my two people!

K cooked Biscuits with Sausage gravy, with only a little assistance from me, and we all had an amazing breakfast. Wifey and I have really never had that, but the recipe we followed was delicious and I think it is a new winner. I am normally a control freak in the kitchen as I love to cook, so giving up control of that to Wifey or K isn’t easy, however it is very nice to be cooked for so I absolutely loved it! I would like to do more cooking with K in the future!

K and I were both extremely horny so we couldn’t keep our hands off each other once we were fully awake. We also can’t keep our lips off each other either. I knew from talking that K would like for me to wear something sexy once in a while for him, even though he loves me in my granny night gown and fuzzy purple robe too! I don’t typically get fancy with lingerie, but as he showered and I was getting ready I put on a sexy lingerie top with my capris and a little sweater and was waiting for him like that. He noticed immediately and came over to me all excited. I had been sitting there feeling rather silly, not sure if he would like it, but he loved it and that immediately put me at ease. I had already edged him several times during the morning and seeing me that way seemed to just make him hornier for me!

Stay tuned for the steamy hot sexy fun that followed…


Facial X2

Saturday was our first full day with Mistress back and it was certainly a fun-filled day and quite eventful. I have to elaborate further on K’s post to set the stage for this post.   As K mentioned, Mistress and him were deeply entrenched in kissing, cuddling, fondling and sheer horniness.  Mistress told me to wear a dress, do my makeup and hair so I would be a pretty girl for her and K.  The guest room that K referred to that they were having sex in is right outside the master bedroom so the vanity is only a few feet from its doorway.  I was trying to focus on my makeup but it was rather hard not to take peeks at what was going on in that room.  Mistress was riding K and both of them were moaning and obvious greatly enjoy their sex.  As I was finishing up putting my makeup on, I heard K moan loudly right after Mistress told him to cum.  He is a quiet cummer so I knew he was really cumming hard in her.

Not long afterward, Mistress called me in to clean up the mess that both of them made.  I buried my face in her drenched pussy lapping up K’s cum and her pussy juices.  My freshly made up face was completely bathed in their bodily fluids.  Being on the bottom, K had the majority of cum on him so Mistress instructed me to clean him so I did my favorite duty and licked him clean.  My clit was all worked up and throbbing in its spiked cage as I tasted the both of them.  I had so much cum and pussy juice on my face it felt like I was bukkaked.  Thus facial number one.

(Before I go further, I was just summoned up to the bedroom to perform the same duty right now.)

As I was writing my post about the key, Mistress informed me that I could remove the cage and cum if I could locate the key in 10 minutes.  It was 2017 the last time I came so it has been 2 months.  After I finished the post, Mistress set the timer on her phone.  The only hints that it I got was that the key was readily visible and in one of two adjoining rooms.  Time was ticking down and I guess Mistress felt sorry for me and gave me additional hints.  I found the key but it was two seconds too late.

She was in a devious mood so she allowed me to uncage and clean my clit thoroughly.  I wondered if she would have me lock back up immediately.  When I arrived back downstairs she told me to edge it but it was sore from puncture wounds from the spikes so she told me to fetch the magic wand.  When I returned she had me lay on my back on the floor, place my butt on the edge of the couch with my feet on the back of the couch.  She applied the wand to my clit and it leaked instantly.

She verbally berated my pathetic, little, limp clit making me even more horny.  She said things like, it is worthless, it will never fuck anyone again  it doesn’t deserve to cum, its a clit.. She told me when I was ready to cum that I was to roll up and position my clit directly above my face so I would cum on it.  The wand worked its magic and without two minutes I was rolling up, mouth open,watching the first load of cum shoot toward my face.  It was a huge load and totally coated my face in my mess and also a good amount that drained down my throat.  Cum ran into my right eye and smeared my mascara. I couldn’t hold that position very long so the balance of the cum landed on my stomach which she fed to me.  It’s amazing how much cum came out of my limp clit. It was not engorged at all.

Facial number two for the day.  Like the cum loving slut that I am I loved every moment of it.  I was wearing K’s cum, Mistress’ juices and my own cum.  My make up was wrecked and I looked like a dirty whore, but couldn’t be happier. It was also appropriate that she used a vibrator on it like a woman uses to cum.   Maybe a vibrator will be the only way I am every allowed to cum again, whenever that might be.




K’s First Blog Post

Its been about a month since I first met this kinky woman whom you may know as Mistress and her slave Wifey, and I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with them so far!  Recently M had to attend to a family matter out of town, and this was the first time since we met that we were apart for more than a couple days. I can’t believe how much I missed just seeing her! I was so happy when I got the message saying she was back. It had been a few days since I came with M before she left, and then with the 5 days she was gone I edged for her a few times and did not cum, knowing she prefers I only cum with her.

We spent much of the day yesterday just kissing and cuddling until I came upstairs from taking a shower and noticed some sexy red lingerie peeking out of a robe she was wearing. We proceeded to make our way upstairs to a spare bedroom where M and I passionately made out and undressed each other until we ended up on the bed with her on top, wearing just the lingerie and her boobs were also hanging out from the cups!  She has been determined to have me cum inside her from that position since we tried it a few weeks ago in the master bedroom but the waterbed hindered our efforts. This time however, it was a success, the combination of the stiffer bed, M’s sexy lingerie and not seeing her in over a week made me explode in her.  I must say, I haven’t cum that hard in quite a long time!

We cuddled and kissed for a while until Wifey made her way in for cleanup duty.  There was an abundance of cum after 9 days, which Wifey had to clean from both M and myself!




Locked up

While Mistress was away this past week, K and I decided to get together one evening for dinner. There is a diner that I wanted to take him to as it is one of my favorites and he has never been there. Mistress informed me that I was to lock up her clit that evening ( Wednesday ) and it would remained locked until she got back.

Being her creative, devious self, she added a caveat to the process. Instead of merely locking myself up and leaving the key where I normally put it, she told me that I had to turn the key over to K. He was to hide it in the house after I was outside. She also told me to show K my locked up clitty so he could take a picture and send it to her. It takes a lot to humiliate me but having to present it in this manner was somewhat embarrassing especially to the man that is her lover.

It is now Saturday evening and her clit is still in its safe, secure, little, spiked cage. I still have no idea where the key is at. Her clit has suffered countless times when it gets engorged impaling itself into the spikes. At this point in time, I have no idea if I will have to find the key to be freed or if Mistress will be benevolent and just unlock me at some time.