Q&A on Cum Feeding

One of our loyal followers asked if I could write a post about the cum feeding post that Mistress wrote a few days ago. He wanted to know how it felt performing on K, how it felt to have him in my mouth, how it affected me mentally, if I really wanted to make him cum and how I felt when I couldn’t get him off.  All excellent questions and hopefully I will have just as good answers and elaborate beyond them.

Before I get into the meat of the topic, I want to clarify some things.  I will not be using labels such as straight, bi, gay, lesbian, etc.  Using labels in the context of this writing will cause confusion.  For me, labels are meaningless.  It is sex to me.  Whether it is a man, woman or trans it is all sex albeit kinky sex at times.

My pleasure ultimately comes from serving as a slave wife, used as a dirty slut, whore, pain slut and being degraded and humiliated.  From a sex standpoint, K provides Mistress with all her sex and orgasms and as I live as a trans person I find my need to be a complete, total, cock whore and used as a female sex slave ever increasing.

Now for the questions:

How it felt performing on K.   I love every time I get to please him with my mouth.  I love sucking cock in general and Mistress wants me to worship the cock that is giving her pleasure.  This time was especially nice as I was told to suck him to completion.  I love cum and he is a big cummer, so my desire to have his entire load shot directly into my slutty mouth was very welcomed and exciting.  I also want him to enjoy my mouth as being a slave I want to provide him pleasure as often and for as long as he likes.

How it felt to have him in my mouth.   There’s something very gratifying to me to have cock in my mouth.  To know that it is sexually satisfying to my partner, feeling it get hard, throb and leak.  K’s cock gets rock hard and is just the right length to hit my throat and gag me when my head is shoved down on it to his balls.  As Mistress says, my mouth is just a hole to be used whether I am doing the sucking, being face fucked or used as a urinal.

How it affected me mentally.   All the effects are positive.  As a slave, I want to provide pleasure. I  have no limits so whatever form or activity that involves fulfills me. This holds true for any gender.  I do as I am told and want to provide the recipient the utmost enjoyment.  I love to be used as a dirty slut and do what many would view as degrading acts willingly, without hesitation and get great satisfaction from it.  I am Mistress’ slave so with the relationship that her and K have, I find myself wanting to be quite submissive to K.   They are the couple and I am the slave in the household so I naturally gravitate to serving both of them.

Did I really want to make him cum.  Of course I did!  I am a cumslut!  I can’t get enough of it.  I want to eat it, wear it and have it pumped into my holes.  K’s cum is very tasty and nice and thick so its a delicacy for me.

How I felt when I couldn’t get him off?  I’ve sucked K many times either getting him ready to fuck Mistress or most often cleaning it afterwards so this was the first opportunity to have it all to myself like a greedy slut.  I was totally bummed that I didn’t make him cum.  I wanted to give him the euphoria that you only get cumming and also get a full complete load directly deposited into my mouth.

When I was told to stop and leave the room so Mistress could finish the task at hand, I was angry with myself.  I love being a slave to his cock and really wanted to give him the satisfaction of cumming into this slut’s mouth.  Mistress was so kind to share his load from her mouth so I did cheer up as my mouth was full of his tasty cum.

I found these questions interesting as they can be completely different from person to person depending on the relationship.  It would be interesting to hear what a cuckolded sissy might say, a male slave, a man living in an FLR or someone who just tried it. If anyone wishes to provide their comments, personal experiences, it is welcomed.




Questions for Next Podcast

Hello to all of our kinky readers, happy Monday to you all!  The next podcast is going to feature just K and myself since Wifey is undergoing vocal training. She can make a post about that soon.

So what questions do our readers have for myself and / or K that we can answer for you?  It will be more fun if we focus it on what our readers want to know!


Poly Lifestyle Thoughts

Since it has been several months that Wifey and I entered a poly lifestyle with K, I thought I would finally post about my thoughts on this.  A poly lifestyle was definitely not something I could wrap my head around, until it just happened to us!  I have been watching the show Sister Wives for many years, and I always scratch my head wondering how he keeps up with 4 wives, not to mention all those kids, and how could he really love all 4 wives and have something special with them all?  I certainly never saw myself being in his place, to a much lesser extent, yet I am.

All of us have had to make some adjustments to make this work.  Wifey had to be okay sharing me, watching me have intimate and emotional times with another person besides herself, K has made the sacrifice of having much time at his own place to spend most every night with us, and I have been burning the candle a bit at both ends, trying to make sure Wifey still gets time with me and so does K!  It has been interesting, and at times each of us has gotten a little cranky, but yet it works because we want it.

Wifey still belongs to me, but K has been getting a little more dominant with Wifey, helping me beat her, giving me some creative ideas of things we can do with Wifey, and even surprised me a bit when he wanted to cum in Wifey’s mouth!  I enjoy this aspect of K helping me in those ways, while Wifey is still MINE.  Wifey does most of K’s laundry and I know she enjoys the servitude aspect of that.  I even got K to piss in a glass with me so Wifey could have some mixed pee!  I told him early on I was going to corrupt him, and in some ways I did, but in other ways he was already corrupted and continues to surprise me sometimes with what he is open to.

Wifey has adjusted, and so have I, to me spending a night each week or two at K’s place.  This was a compromise so K could feel like he at least still had some time at his own place, with his own things, and it also works to give us a little special time alone, which we often use to talk about things we can do with Wifey, so it benefits Wifey that way!  The first night I slept at K’s place was hard for me because I worried about Wifey, and I really did not sleep well.  Once I talked with her on my way to work the next morning and knew she had handled it just fine, I was able to relax the next time.

K and Wifey get along great.  I love how Wifey can have K’s cum smeared on her cheeks still from cleaning us, but then we can all go downstairs and talk about vanilla things like this is something perfectly normal that must happen in each household.  I am glad that they get along so well, because this wouldn’t work if they didn’t.

K and I mostly get along great!  We have had a few minor misunderstandings, like any couple does at times, but we talk about things and get through it.  K has been single for a long time, with just some dating but nothing serious, so it has been an adjustment for him to be in a relationship, and he had never been in one this serious before, and then throw in the unusual dynamic, and its no wonder a little adjustment is needed.  Because K has been on his own for so long, sometimes he is not as attuned to how someone else is feeling, so communication is vital.  I sometimes get frustrated and expect someone to be a mind reader, so when he doesn’t just automatically figure out what I want, I have to communicate.

It is very important to K that we include Wifey, and that Wifey be happy in this dynamic too, so I really appreciate that part.  I could never do this if Wifey would be unhappy with it.  No matter how much I have fallen in love with K, I still love Wifey too, and I could never hurt her, nor do I want to live life without her.  The longer I am with K, the more I feel that way about him too though.  I think it was bound to happen!  No one is jealous of anyone so this works.  There is no reason to be.  We all have our own role in this lifestyle, and I make sure they both feel wanted and loved and special, and they do the same for me.

There is definitely a spark with K that I have not felt with anyone else, maybe even Wifey, from the aspect that still when he kisses me it can just send shivers through my body.  That feeling usually fades away with people, but it really hasn’t with him.  We fell madly in love, and that feeling hasn’t faded away either.  I like waking up between Wifey and K nearly every day, and I want to be the first and last thing they each think about every day.

Now that Wifey’s work is slowing down, I have been brainstorming some new things that K and I can do with her.  I want to get her into some new rituals and routines, and also the new fun that will come when her cage arrives in a few weeks!  I can’t wait to lock her up and torment the shit out of that little clitty each time it tries to get hard.  I really get off on that, and I love to remind her of her place.

I am very happy that K found our profile, because I had pretty much given up on ever finding a person that would fit with us and be available, but he found us and I quickly threw all my rules out the window because everything felt so right to all of us.  I love how I get to see K every day, unless he is away visiting family, and that we all share our days together.  I am still getting used to the fact I can just pick up the phone and call him if I want to, but that part is nice too.  There is no sneaking around.  No guilt either.  This is what I needed, but I didn’t even know how much I needed it till it found us!  All I know is I am very happy and I don’t ever want that to change.

If anyone has any questions for us about this poly lifestyle, please feel free to ask, and we will do our best to answer.


Cum Feeding

So this picture was taken about three weeks ago, and I hate when that happens because then I cannot possibly do the post justice, but I still wanted to share it because this picture is SO hot!  I’ve been a little busy the last few weeks, and haven’t made time to post.  We were lucky to have two weekends with K in a row, where he was off work.  Since he does work some weekends, and he also needs to go visit his family for some of his weekends off, they can be 3 or 4 weeks apart, and so far we have only had two in a row twice.  This means I want to make the most of his weekends off, since the next one will be a while.

On this night, before I ended up with the big load of cum in my mouth, K and I discussed giving Wifey a chance to try getting K off with her mouth.  So began a good half hour or more of Wifey trying to get K to cum, with no success.  She was certainly going to town, being an eager little cock sucker, but she never got the right level of consistency, despite how many times she got K close to cumming, to actually push him over the edge.  K, like me, can take a bit to cum once he gets to the edge, and if anything changes, it sends you backwards away from the edge.

I was right there watching the entire time, scolding Wifey for not being consistent, giving her some orders, and K found that very hot.  Finally though, I knew he was not going to cum, so I told Wifey to stop, and to go sit in the other room and wait until she was called back in!  I then wrapped my own mouth around my cock and began working K toward the edge.  Once I got him there, I increased the intensity and just drew the cum right out of him!  I had a huge glop in my mouth, and had to have K summons Wifey back in since it was a little hard for me to speak!

Once Wifey came back in, I had her lay on the bed and I got over top of her and slowly let the cum drip out of my mouth, into her open and waiting mouth, filling hers up completely before letting her swallow that cum!  It was so hot and we have a picture to remember the moment, that would not be appropriate to share here.

One day we will give Wifey the chance to do this again, and hopefully she will be successful!  Until then Mistress will show her how it is done!


Just a quick post to let you all know I have been busy the last couple weeks so I haven’t had a chance to write. In the mean time Wifey made quite the post!  I have some fun pictures from a couple weeks ago to share, and I have a road trip this weekend which will give me some time in the car to write while riding on the highway!  Stay tuned!

Wifey’s Words

Hi all.  No, Mistress and K did not have me locked in a cage the last two months (the thought of being in a cage does excite me though).  When you work 55+ hours  7 days a week for over two months, you don’t have much time to write let alone do anything else.  I did dress immediately after my last appointment every evening as I couldn’t stand having to wear men’s clothes during the day. I have also included makeup and lipstick into my nightly routine.  My schedule has lightened up immensely so I am now able to wear my girly clothes during most days.  Speaking of clothes, I have been wearing women’s clothing in public more frequently.  In addition to the women’s walking shoes that I typically wear in public, I have gone out wearing girly jeans and button down shirts that aren’t over the top but certainly feminine to anyone that is paying attention. We are slowly getting more bold about it as it is who I am.

Even though I was buried with work, we did find time to play.  Mistress and K are excellent including me in their antics and Mistress has written about my beatings and other activities that we have indulged in.  There is much more fucking, cum eating, cock sucking, pussy cleaning, piss drinking, etc. that hasn’t been blogged because when you have something occurring almost daily, it’s impossible to write about it all.   She tries to cover a variety of topics so not to bore you.

Now that I am past the stressful time, I will be spending my time becoming even more feminine and performing more wifely duties as the norm.  Mistress tasked me with obtaining a female voice because she feels that I must sound like a female if I am going to be successful being out in public as a woman. This is part of the process in my transition and being able to be in public as a passable female.  The voice training is easier said than done but after much research I have combined, from numerous sources,  what I feel might work for me.

Since I last wrote a post, Mistress and K have grown even closer.  He was a natural fit with us and they have become the couple in our triad.  Obviously, all the male/female sex occurs between them leading to some new rules for me, some of which Mistress has written about or discussed in our podcast.  I am no longer allowed to French kiss her, lick her to an orgasm, lick her when not cleaning up cum or licking her for an extended period of time when cleaning her.  K provides her with the passionate kissing, orgasms and all her sex so it is only appropriate that I am the dirty slut relegated to lapping up cum, toe sucking, piss drinking, kissing and licking balls and worshipping cock.  I am truly living as a dirty, slutty, cock sucking, cock whore slave wife.  It is a dream come true as I have no limits and live to be used as a dirty, slutty, whore sexually.

Beyond the sex, Mistress and K are also the couple in vanilla settings.  They go shopping, eat out, hike and spend about one evening a week at K’s apartment.  That’s not to say that I don’t do things with them or do things alone with Mistress or K.  That’s also not to say that they do not include me.  They usually give me the option if I want to participate or not.  I feel they need their personal, private time alone together and I think its healthy and important for them to do so. When the three of us are out together, they kiss, hold hands, sit together, etc. as the couple.  Once again, this is only appropriate as I am the slave and wife.

When Mistress decided to feminize me and marry me as her slave wife our relationship obviously changed.  We were not husband and wife but wife and slave wife.  She felt this was best for me and us as it made me more passive, submissive and a better person overall.  She opened up a whole new world to me, one that I can’t believe is so rewarding, exciting  and what I truly need to be complete.

Before K, the only real problem I had was balancing my new feminine life with still being a husband when Mistress needed one.  She didn’t require it very often but sometimes I felt I needed to be her husband.  As I transitioned further, it became harder and harder for me to be a husband as my mindset was changing and I no longer considered myself a man.

Then K came into our life and immediately became Mistress’ man.  They hit it off instantly and he was the perfect person for us to compliment our life.  He gives her the male presence that she needs and also great sex that I no longer could provide her. He’s a good, loving person and I trust both of them completely as this is what all three of us want and need.  Even though I am the slave, they have my blessing and support.   I see no reason why this can’t be a life long relationship where all of us can be happy and content and live as we like.


A Little Tease

Tonight Wifey and I did a little shopping while  K had to work late!  I picked out this new sexy top, and tried it on and took this picture to tease him with, but I haven’t worn it for him yet. I know how much he loves it when I wear sexy garments and so does Wifey so hopefully I will wear it soon and he won’t be able to keep those big manly hands off me!


Wifey’s Sexy Legs

We are all coming off a pretty wonderful weekend here in this kinky threesome!  There will be a lot to write about through the week, but in the mean time here is a little sexy picture of Wifey’s legs from Saturday night!  I do love seeing her in high heels, and her legs truly do look like those of a woman!  I would kill for legs like hers!

Stay tuned for more fun soon!


Coloring Wifey’s Ass!

Saturday night after our super hot sexcapades, K and I were ready to have a little fun with Wifey and her sexy, slutty ass!  All the marks from her last beating were now gone, and it was time to use the blank canvas to have some fun!  Wifey wore these adorable purple panties that leave her as cheeks open in a heart shape, while the thong piece stays in her crack!  I had her on the couch, bent over, leggings pulled down, and her cute ass on display like this!  We had her choose 6 items for us to beat her with, and then K snuck the big zapper down too, without Wifey knowing!

Once we saw the panties Wifey had chosen, it became our mission to make the part of her ass cheeks that were showing as red as we could!  It gave us a nice targeted area and we had fun commenting on it while we beat Wifey, fairly hard at times, and she moaned and groaned and whimpered for us!  Although she LOVES being beaten by us both!  At one point K slipped with the leather slapped and put a mark under the panties, and I joked with him that he had colored outside the lines!

As you can see we really did a good job turning Wifey bright red!  After I took the picture of her red ass with the panties, we decided to pull them down and get the contrast of the red part next to the part we had not beaten!  I would say we did a really good job coloring a bright red heart on her slutty little ass!  I also think Wifey has quite a feminine ass when she bends over and sticks it out like this, don’t you all think?  It is so pretty all red too!

Now it was time to let Wifey have a little treat!  I had her go get the wand, and then told her to get her clothes off and lay on the floor!  She was excited about getting to play with the wand, but before she got that far she saw I wasn’t exactly super nice, because the carpet was rough on her tender ass!  I had Wifey use the wand to edge her pathetic little clit while K and I cuddled and I verbally degraded her!  When she got to the edge I told her that she could cum all over herself, and the reason why I was going to let her cum for me was because of how well she has handled me spending one night a week at K’s place!  Wifey came hard all over herself, and then I had her scoop it all up and smear it all over her face, along with whatever was dried on from K and I earlier!  She was informed she would be sleeping with her face crusty with all of it!

It was a very fun Saturday night indeed and I can’t wait for next weekend when K is actually off work!

Stay tuned for more!


Lots of Cum for Wifey!

These lovely pictures were all taken on Saturday night!  K and I were having fun making out during the evening, and I was dressed in that sexy red top I shared over the weekend.  After dinner I spent some time straddling him on the couch and before too long he mentioned we should go upstairs!  That usually means we will have sex, so of course I was excited since I was feeling quite horny!

Upstairs K laid on the bed and I got in beside him.  He made the comment that I hadn’t ditched my pants yet, so I quickly took them off and then climbed up on top of him, straddling him on the bed now, with my sexy red top still on!  He loves it when I am on top, and I am getting more bold about it.  I took one of my boobs out and he immediately started to suck on my nipple, biting it a bit how I like, and driving me wild.  I was grinding my pussy, which was growing wetter by the minute, against my cock, getting him hornier and hornier for me!  It wasn’t long before both of my boobs were out, and I even picked up one of my boobs and started to suck the nipple myself.

I made K tell me several times how horny he was and how much he wanted me to put my cock inside me!  I asked him what he was going to do for me for that to happen, and he said anything I want.  I made it clear that if I allowed him inside me I would get to cum any way I wanted when that was done, and of course he agreed!  Wifey was in the bedroom painting her finger nails at this time, so when I climbed off K, I noticed he was dripping pre cum and I summoned Wifey over to suck that off of him!  She loves to have that cock in her mouth, so she was all too happy to clean K up before I fucked him!  I only let her have a brief taste and the dismissed her, but told her to be ready to be summoned back up to clean us soon!

I took K into the smaller guest room, the one with the bouncier bed, and climbed on top of my rock hard cock!  The look on his face when I climb on top and my cock enters my slick, hot, wet pussy is priceless!  I grabbed his legs, my tits still hanging out of the sexy top, and started fucking him!  All the while I kept reminding him that it is MY cock, and MY cum, and that no one else gets to have it.  I also teased him about the candles I plan to use on him next weekend!  All the while K was making some pretty interesting facial expressions as I had him on the edge, so close to cumming, driving him nuts!  I started to move faster, pushing him closer to the edge, and he asked to cum!  I hesitated answering him for just a bit, enjoying the power I had with him on the edge, having to hope I would say yes!  I could say no if I wanted to and climb off and leave him hanging, but lucky for him and Wifey I did not do that, and I told him he could cum!

Then I set about grinding harder, pushing him over the edge till he grunted and came hard inside me!  I kept moving after, almost making it too much for him as he was ultra sensitive by then!  As he caught his breath I remained on top, letting much of the big load of cum drip back down all around my cock, making a nice mess for Wifey!  Once the mess was ready I called Wifey upstairs, and slid over on the bed next to K, spreading my legs and positioning myself where the cum that was still in my pussy and coating the outside would not be lost while Wifey tended to K first!

Wifey was happy, in her glory really, to be reunited with K’s cum again after over 2 weeks without it!  One load had been wasted and one went down my throat!  We took turns holding her head down tight as she had that cock in her mouth!  First I held her head down, making her gag on it, and then when I let go, K held her head down, a little harder than I had I think, and Wifey gagged a little!  She loves being treated like that though!  Then we let her enjoy my cock as she took her time licking up the puddle of cum!  We get distracted kissing while she does this and let her have an extended time with her mouth down there, which she takes full advantage of!

Then it was time for her to clean my holes!  She was thrilled of course to be able to lick me, because that is the only time she gets to, for cleaning purposes!  I made her dart her tongue in and out of my asshole simply because it feels good, even though there wasn’t really any cum there!  When it seemed she was taking advantage too long licking my pussy I made her stick her fingers inside me and get any leftover cum out before telling her she was done!

We excused her to go downstairs, her face a little coated in our mess, while we went back into the master bedroom so K could get me off.  We used my new we vibe G spot vibe, setting it on high and putting it inside me while he kept pressure on it and licked me hard!  It took me just a bit to build up to the huge O I ended up having, but once I got close it went fast and it was super intense when I held his head down tight to me and came against his face, gasping and trying to catch my breath at the same time!  K certainly has mastered making me cum really hard, and I love every minute of it!  Wifey also loves hearing my screams through the house, knowing that my man is taking good care of me!

Now that K and I were well satisfied, we were ready to have some fun with Wifey.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow, with some pretty hot pics too!

On a side note, I told K afterwards that it was really fun riding him like that, no longer feeling nervous about it, but just lettting go and enjoying it!  It is his favorite way to cum, and even though it won’t be the only way he will cum, it is nice for me now that I really enjoy it and no longer worry about anything when giving that to him!